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My 2018 Goals

Happy New Year!! It is that time again, where we (yes, we!) sit down and write about what we want to accomplish and how we are going to go about achieving our goals. For some people, crushing each goal is easy, while others have a hard time crushing one. However, if you are one of those people who… Read More My 2018 Goals


Travel Diary: Amsterdam Trip 2017

Disclaimer: I know this is a frugal blog and the total amount spent on this trip may seem extremely high, but it‘s really hard to travel hack in Bermuda. It is also really hard to get two people to the other side of the world for less than $2k. We are fine with spending the amount we spent on this trip because travel is important to us. Hubs and I recently returned home from Amsterdam and after… Read More Travel Diary: Amsterdam Trip 2017