Who are you?

I am from Bermuda and me along with my siblings fortunate enough to have parents that provided everything a kid could ever wish for. They didn’t have six-figure jobs that gave bonuses, my dad was a Corrections Officer for Her Majesty’s Prison and my mom was an Administrative Assistant. Like most people in Bermuda and around the world, my parents never discussed finances with us. And ultimately I had to figure out the world of personal finance on my own. Which means I’ve had some debt, saved a lot and spent it all on who knows what and made some really crappy financial choices. Made some really good ones too, though.

At the end of the day, I don’t have a crazy/amazing story of how I paid off $100,000 in 6 months. I don’t do extreme couponing (because we don’t have that here), dumpster dive or do any other extreme thing to reach my financial goals. I am just an accountant that really loves talking about personal finance.

Why Blog?

I started this blog for three reasons:

Encourage my fellow Bermudians to take the future of their finances seriously. I believe you can accumulate wealth while living in paradise no matter what your income is.

Show the world that even though Bermuda is considered a wealthy country, people struggle to make ends meet here too. Not everyone is rich, living a luxurious life, sunbathing on a beach drinking a mimosa.

I wanted to have some form of accountability. How can I talk about saving/investing/financial planning if I don’t practice that myself?

Why an Onion?

What I like to tell myself: Onions have multiple layers and like onions, Bermudians are multi-faceted and for every layer, you peel away the deeper and more profound we become.

The truth is: If you are from Bermuda or live in Bermuda than you know why I picked an onion. But for those who don’t – Once upon a time Bermuda exported our onions (which are sweet) to the United States and after a while adopted the nickname onions. I know it’s not a glamorous back story, but it’s ours.