My Wallet was Stolen

Today’s post was supposed to be a travel diary for our recent trip to Barcelona but I have been spending the last week getting things back in order after my wallet was stolen (in Barcelona). I still have two more calls to make regarding my social insurance card and license, however, for the most part, I have been able to make myself “whole” again. Although you never really get back to the place you were before an incident happens.

We hadn’t been in Plaça d’Espanya five minutes before someone snuck up behind me, opened my bag and stole my wallet. As soon as I realized it was gone and after two minutes of panic and tears, I called my banks to cancel my cards. I was upset because pickpockets and thieves were the only things people kept talking to me about and I just couldn’t believe someone had gotten that close to me and I didn’t feel anything.

Luckily, I had my spending money and passport in a different section of my bag and was able to still enjoy the trip.

What was in my wallet:

Social Insurance card

Driving License

$121 US Dollars

$15 Bermuda Dollars

Two credit cards

Two debit cards

$500 in gift cards (Never got to use them)

In-Store reward cards

What I was able to replace:

Two days after returning, I received a call from my bank to say that my credit cards and debit cards were ready. I was impressed by how fast they were able to get me my replacement cards given the fact that it was a two day holiday.

Although the person who has my wallet will probably never visit Bermuda and use the gift cards I still wanted to cancel them. The person who gave them to me was kind enough to replace them after they were cancelled. I thought that was very sweet and I am definitely appreciative because I wasn’t expecting a replacement.

I haven’t actually gotten new reward cards because then I would be starting back at zero points. As long as I give them my email I will still receive the points for my old cards.

I still need to make the call about my social insurance card and visit TCD. But I know I will get a replacement card and ID.

What I would do differently:

Thinking back to that moment and with how fast everything happened, I know I should have had my bag in front of me. I also should have been more alert and aware of the people around us because I know I probably looked like a lost/confused tourist and was the perfect target for that a**hole. Also, next time I travel, I am going to google the current news stories in the country/city we are visiting (this will be mention in the travel diary).

The last thing I would differently is, I wouldn’t give them a day. I was so upset after finding out my wallet was gone, I just wanted to get to the hotel and stay there. I spent the rest of our first day in Barcelona mad at myself and not the creep who stole from me and I wish I hadn’t.

After making the calls and getting new cards, I am out by $229 – $136 that was in my wallet, $35 to replace my ID, $10 for a new SI card and $48 for the wallet (I had just bought this wallet and will be buying a new wallet when I visit Philly next week). I have learned a lot from this situation and will keep this experience in mind when I plan our next vacation. But more importantly, I am extremely grateful it wasn’t worse and that the person didn’t attack us or get the rest of our important items.

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    1. Yeah. Everyone warned me about pickpockets and it still happened.

      The rest of the trip was lovely and I really enjoyed Day 2 to Day 6.

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