Travel Diary: Amsterdam Trip 2017

Disclaimer: I know this is a frugal blog and the total amount spent on this trip may seem extremely high, but it‘s really hard to travel hack in Bermuda. It is also really hard to get two people to the other side of the world for less than $2k. We are fine with spending the amount we spent on this trip because travel is important to us.

Hubs and I recently returned home from Amsterdam and after spending roughly four days there (give or take a few hours)I can honestly say this trip was my favourite trip. Amsterdam is known as the home of the Red Light District, a place where the canal systems are elaborate and there are just as many bikes as there are people. Not to mention you can buy weed in any Coffee shop if that is what you’re into. For us, the Capital of Netherlands was perfect for exploring and I am glad that this was the destination we picked.

So here is the break-down of our total cost:

Airfare ($2,417.84)

Because we can only travel together when school is out, our options for travel dates are limited. This year, I really wanted to get to Amsterdam before it got cold there, so the only dates that worked were October 25th to 29th. We had to get to Amsterdam by the 25th, get as much time as possible to explore and be back to work on Monday Morning. Our only option was to fly overnight on British Airways. We were able to sleep during our normal time which helped in not feeling jet-lagged once we got to our final destination. 

The food on the flight was really good and was probably the best part of the flight. The worst part was trying to sleep in those chairs with a complete stranger next to you. 

Accommodations ($403.24) 

We stayed at the Mercure Hotel Amsterdam City. Located near the Metro’s Overamstel stop, which is a 10-minute walk. Overall, our time at the hotel was nice. The staff were friendly and helpful. The food was good too. The rooms are not the biggest but we only needed the room for sleep. 

The only negative (and this isn’t even a real negative) to this hotel was there were no wash clothes in the bathroom, but I think that is a European thing and probably all hotels in Europe are like this. Just in case you were wondering, we got some from a pharmacy that was located near Centraal Station. 

Food ($427.60) 

I enjoyed all the food we ate for the 4 days. We had Amster-Damn Burgers, Pasta Carbonara, Livar Ribs, Beef wraps, Stroopwafels, Crepes, etc. We even stopped by Micky D’s for a Big Mac and fries (had to see if it tasted the same). I love food, and I enjoy trying new dishes but my favourite thing to eat during this trip was the Stroopwafels. This thin waffle with caramel in the middle is the best invention since sliced bread. The sweet treat originates from Gouda in the Netherlands and after just one, you’ll be hooked. I purchased four bags so that my family and co-workers could try. Everyone loved them! 

A close second was the Amster-Damn Burger off of the Mecure Room Service Menu. This cheeseburger had a fried egg and piccalilli. The savoury beef with the tangy flavour from the piccalilli was a delicious pairing. It was the first thing we ate in Amsterdam and it did not disappoint.

Entertainment & Transportation ($495.08)

Rock the City Tour. This tour started off at the Heineken Experience and ended at the A’dam Lookout, with a historic Canal ride in between. And for an extra 5 euros, you can swing over the edge of a 20 story building. I thought I was going to pass out. Glad I did it though!

Amsterdam Dungeon. An interactive show that takes you through 500 years of Amsterdam’s dark history. I was beyond scared, and my husband loves to sit in the front row, which made me prime for the picking. In one scene the judge is asking me questions about me being a witch and the next thing I know is the gavel is slammed down, the judge yells “Guilty!” and I‘m burned at the stake. This was an entertaining show, and everyone should see it.

Madame Tussaud‘s. I really wish they had wax figures of famous people from the Netherlands. I don’t think they should have famous people from other countries. And this goes for all of the Madame Tussaud Museums around the world, I think they should have wax figures of people from that country or have made a significant contribution to the country.

Museumplein. This is a public park in the Amsterdam-Zuid borough in Amsterdam. Located at the Museumplein is the I AMsterdam sign and there are three major museums  the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. The area is very busy with people trying to take a picture with the sign and lining up for the Van Gogh Museum. 

Shopping ($417.32)

I had no intentions of buying anything while in Amsterdam. But I’m a woman and I am allowed to change my mind. So when we started to walk around the shopping area I found a few shops I liked. And got a few things I liked. Hubs got the coat he had been looking for from H&M (we searched high and low for this coat).

Total Cost

The total cost of the trip was $4,161.08. Is that a lot of money? Heck yes! But it was totally worth it and we will definitely go back.